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Dareu A87 – Underrated or Overrated?


DAREU started its journey in 2006 and became a leader in manufacturing IT peripheral products. They have integrated their products with the performance of research and development. They always care about their manufacturing, sales, and after-sales. They gained experience from being in the market for 15 years. DAREU used this experience to develop various product lines of computer accessories including mechanical keyboards, mice, gaming headphones, and more.   

I’ve been rounding up about a dozen mechanical keyboards for an upcoming blog, which means I’ve spent several days playing with some of the best keyboards out there. Here are some of the advantages, disadvantages, and common questions I’ve encountered about Dareu a87 keyboards.

Hot-swappable or not?

Over the past week, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some good time with a handful of mechanical keyboards such as DAREU, Royal Kludge, and Anne Pro. Of course, all these keyboards use different parts and design elements and each one uses a different build quality. They have a particular thing in common and that is they all are not hot-swappable.

If you love mechanical keyboards you must know about hot swappable keyboards. Hot-swappable keyboards are mainly customized keyboards. But nowadays many stock keyboards use this feature as well such as Epomaker SK61S, Wormier RGB ducky, and so on. The importance of hot-swap is huge for gamers. They can modify up to their comforts. But the hot-swap keyboards have some sudden disadvantages. There is a regular complaint about switch looseness with hot-swap PCBs. Most of the amateurs face this problem on a regular basis. Another disadvantage is the price. Hot-swappable keyboards are very expensive. There are few known entry-level hot-swappable keyboards. And the entry-level keyboards are not that good in build quality. 

So, if you are a novice and looking for entry-level or mid-range keyboards then I would suggest not to go for hot-swap ones and stick with the regular ones. DAREU, Royal Kludge, and Skyloong make the best regular keyboards at entry and mid-range levels. 

Build Quality

If you are a professional writer or coder, a mechanical keyboard is a worthwhile upgrade over a cheap membrane keyboard. After spending a while testing, I found that the DAREU a87 is the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard thanks to its excellent build quality and impactful design. It’s also available with the former gold standard Cherry MX switches. DAREU builds its keyboards with colorful high-quality keycaps to match your preference. 

If we talk about the switches I will recommend going for Cherry MX brown, because they offer a satisfying tactile bump without making too much noise. I also love that the DAREU a87 is available with a variety of colors and colorful keycaps and matching cases. It comes with a removable USB Type-C cable and a wire keycap puller. It also works on windows and mac. The DAREU a87 is almost fully programmable. It comes with clearly labeled media keys and you can customize the function keys. This keyboard costs around 5800 BDT- about average for a mid-range entry-level keyboard. Below we are adding the features from the official DAREU site.


  • Classic E-sports Heritage, A87 inherits the excellent characteristics of Dareu mechanics (suspended) and terminator (non-suspended), giving simple classics to professional gaming keyboards. Abandoned the flashy design.
  • Adsorption Top Cover, Combined with classic and modern elements, the entire top cover adopts an adsorption design, which is cleverly designed to allow users to change at will during the experience. provided a more convenient cleaning way to your equipment.
  • High Purity PBT Double Color Closed Keycap, In order to satisfy the user’s hand feeling, we use a PBT two-color closed character keycap with a content of up to 95%, and the evenly frosted surface can maintain a stable touch. Simple and closed characters with large backlight visibility at night.
  • CHERRY MX Mechanical Switch, Equipped with the German original CHERRY MX mechanical switch, each mechanical switch is carefully selected and used. The lamp is fixed on the PCBA circuit board. The power supply is stable and the color is uniform. The ice-blue LED is bright, beautiful, and has no light leak.
  • Using Stabilizer Switch Structure, The large keys in the keyboard are designed with stabilizer switch structure, and the sturdy iron plate is adjusted to make the big keys such as Space/Shift keys feel smoother (not shaking), and more convenient for users to support their own DIY. (Almost all the stabilizer switch caps on the market can be shared).


Unfortunately, availability is an issue with most great mechanical keyboards. Most are made in Taiwan or China and shipped to Bangladesh. If your preferred color or model isn’t available, you can pre-order through Blisstyle, keep an eye on our incoming shipments. We tested our picks against more readily available options and found that these models were of significantly higher quality and worth the effort to track down. So, at last, happy buying and keep an eye on our blogs to find out more about new and hyped keyboards.

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