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Dareu EH745s – Budget, Beauty, Balance

A warm handshake between budget and performance 

Dareu EH745s features everything that is necessary for a gamer to overcome their daily challenges. With a robust 50mm driver, detachable microphone, aesthetic outlook & comfortable design, Dareu EH745s is a battle-ready headset. Be it long gaming or music sessions, Dareu EH745s will ensure uninterrupted entertainment. 

Multiplatform Support & Connectivity Options

3.5mm Connection 

Dareu EH745s features non-detachable 3.5mm plugs for audio & microphone connection. A Y-Cable is provided inside the box to connect it to your PC. On top of that, Dareu EH745s can also be used with XBOX, Tablets, Switch & Mobile devices. 

Communicate & Win  

6mm Omnidirectional Microphone 

Within the box, you’ll find a detachable 6mm Omnidirectional Microphone with a Sensitivity of -42 ±3db, ensuring clear, crystal clear voice communications amid chaos & intense firefights. Dareu EH745s works flawlessly with all major VoIP platforms such as Discord or Teamspeak. Additionally, steller In-game Voice Chat performance is guaranteed in popular eSports titles like Valorant, CS:GO, Battlefield & PUBG. 

Long gaming sessions? Experience comfort, forget headaches!

Feel free to say goodbye to unwanted headaches with the lightweight 273g Dareu EH745s over your head. The headphone comes with two pairs of Earpads featuring utmost comfort, noise isolation & breathing space. High-quality Imitation Protein Leather Memory Foam is poised to deliver uncontested comfort.

Ingame performance

Dareu EH745s shines in FPS & other titles. Thanks to the 50mm driver, it’s easier to identify & track enemy footsteps with Dareu EH745s. Footsteps, gunfire & little details can be easily heard and accurately tracked. The ideal Frequency Response Range of 20Hz-20KHz delivers precise audible information, improving your situational awareness & game sense. 

Uncompromised sound clarity will help you level up your gameplay with DareuEH745s as it’s able to award you with an upper hand over your adversaries in any given situation. Along with an ever-present punchy bass, adequate directional audio is also present in Dareu EH745s. Dive deep into your gaming & music sessions, thanks to the excellent sound stage featured by Dareu EH745s. 

Flexibility, Control & Build Quality 

It’s built like a tank with everything in mind. The Headphone has a solid Aluminium build quality with a touch of careful stitching on the comfortable memory foam headband which ensures maximum protection from any accidental damage. As mentioned above, the headband is aluminum with height adjustability option to fit any headsize with ease. Dareu EH745s features inline Volume Adjustments & Mic mute switch. The Earcups offer generous room for breathing and have enough space for players who are using glasses. With streamers & gamers in focus, Dareu’s attention to detail & eye-catchy aesthetics is bound to attract anyone.  

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