Ajazz AS Switch (Foggy Mountain Green)


  • Type: Linear
  • Activation force: 45gf
  • Bottom-out force: 55gf
  • Total travel: 2.0mm
  • Pre-travel: 2.0mm
  • Stem: POM
  • Material: PC
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Smooth and Steady as Always

Inspired by the color of the skyline and foggy mountains, Ajazz has upgraded and developed switches to the new Red Spirit (red-like linear), Sunrise Yellow (silver-like linear), Sky Blue (Tactile), Foggy Mountain Green (Linear), with equally impressive performance and fantastic feeling. Made of quality materials that are against wear and tear, both switches are proven to be long-lasting while maintaining outstanding activation response.

Gold-Plated Pins

When a switch is stroked, the leaf makes contact and registers the stroke by establishing the electrical circuit, and that leads to the leaf the most complicated and vital part of a switch. The pins that are connected to the leaf are gold-plated, stainless and anticorrosive. As a result, the switches are contributing to a high sensitivity and steady performance.

Durable and Low Maintenance

The switches are composed of PC top & bottom cases, metallic springs and gold-plated pins, which are all durable materials that can preserve in various environments and living conditions. Whether it be used in moist and sticky tropical summer or in dusty and freezing winter, the switches are up to challenge and steady in performance.

High Compatibility with Hot-swappable Socket

For DIY lovers and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, the Ajazz AS Switch are all compatible with hot-swappable sockets / switch holes and can be installed in any kit/plate that supports hot-swap.

Meet all your need in Transparent Beauty

Comes in translucent green and blue, these switches are beauties of their own and great partners of backlights of all themes when accompanied by transparent keycaps and kits. As for those that treasure inner beauty more than the outside looks, the switches come in tactile and linear for devotees of either kind, ready to be taken home by gamers, bloggers, programmers or simply clackheads.



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