DAREU H105 Tri-Mode Wireless Gamepad 360° Joystick Controller (White Purple)


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Product model: H105
Product size: 156mm * 113mm * 65 mm
Keys: 24 keys for the whole machine
Connection mode: USB cable+2.4G+Bluetooth
Weight: about 210g
Battery: 930mA
Lamp effect: RGB
Power consumption: no vibration (< 45mA), vibration (< 100mA)
Service time: about 25 hours, 3-3.5 hours of charging
Applicable platform: PC/Android
System requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11, Android 5.0 or above

*1 Year Official Warranty

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Continuous output, fighting all day

Built-in 930mAh lithium battery, 25 hours of battery life, continuous output for a whole day.About 25 hours of battery life, about 3.5 hours of charging time


Zero Latency

2m anti-interference cable, the transmission signal is stable and efficient, ensuring the players enjoy the game.


About 25 hours of battery life, about 3.5 hours of charging time

USB wired connection, 2.4G wireless connection and BT bluetooth three connection methods are available to meet the needs of users on different platforms.

Ergonomic design, accurately grasp the distance between the tiger’s mouth and the fingertips.


Compatible with multi-platform games

Support PC, Switch, Android TV and smart phone, plug and play.


Turbo one-click burst

Three-speed, impeccable move.

Press turbo key+action key, setting successfully that the indication flashing. The fisrt operation is semi-automatic mode, the second is automatic mode, the third close the burst mode.



Asymmetric dual vibration motor restore the real feeling.

Left and right grips are paired with asymmetric vibration motors, multiple shocks. The vibration intensity is based on the feedback of the games, fighting and racing games, bringing a real sense of strike and vibration.



E-sports ambient light;

Equipped with two RGB light strips + multiple sets of colorful light effect modes, it can shine even in the dark .

Cycle gradient, breathing color change, colorful streamer, color changing finger movement, colorful color changing, colorful cycle.


U-shaped cross key

Fighting in clear and unhindered

Recessed cross key, especially in game fighting. The eight direction are precisely triggered, and the rubbing moves are always smooth and free.


E-sports 360° joystick flexible and free, like snake walk

360° all-round control direction, the key material is TPE, which is skin-friendly and not easy to fall off.




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