OUTEMU Silent White Switches 3 Pin Key switches


  • witches Compatibility:OUTEMU (Gaote) mechanical MX dust-proof key switch, supports SMD lights, RGB plug-in lights, and round biped lights. Compatible with Cherry MX switch, suitable for most mechanical keyboards.
  • Main Parameters:Outemu SilentWhite Switch—Linear feel (straight up and down), Actuation force is about 45±15gf.Over 50 million laboratory tests ensure durability and more stable and reliable quality.
  • Switch Features:Outemu SilentWhite switch——The Outemu SilentWhite switch is the muffler version of the Red switch. Imported muffler rubber is used inside, and the pressing has a film touch.
  • Installation Type:Manual soldering and hot-swappable boards.

OUTEMU Silent White Switches 3 Pin Key switches


Outemu SilentWhite switch(Rare keyboard switch)


—Bottom out distances4.0±0.4mm

—Actuation distances1.8±0.6mm

—Actuation force45±15gf

—Bottom out force60±15gf



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