Royal Kludge RK84 Tri Mode RGB Hot-Swappable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard


  • Connectivity : Type C +2.4G + Bluetooth
  • Lighting: Full RGB
  • Keycap: Doubleshot ABS
  • Lifespan: 50 million
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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84 Keys, Redefine TKL

Royal Kludge RK84 RGB Hotswappable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has a unique 80% layout that distinguishes it from other traditional TKL keyboards by cutting off more clumsy space. It still secures the same practical arrow, multimedia, and control keys functionalities.

3 Modes of Connectivity

Royal Kludge RK61 Tri mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard includes 2.4GHz wireless, Type-C-USB wired and Bluetooth modes. A 2.4 GHz dongle will come with the keyboard. Since the availability of different options it can connect in 3 different modes and 3 devices via Bluetooth. Press FN+Q, FN+W, FN+E to switch to 3 different Bluetooth connected devices.


Royal Kludge RK G68 has double shot ABS keycaps which help to make the RGB backlight shine through the keycaps more than the PBT keycaps and appear more vibrant. ABS keycaps provide smooth feeling while typing and develop a greasy shine over the time.

Powerful Configuration

It has more backup facilities as it is designed with 2 built-in USB pass through ports and 1 Type-C port. RK G68 is armed with a 3150mAh battery, lasting up to 48 hours (tested with static RGB lighting), or up to 5 days of normal use (8 hrs/day).

Ergonomic Design

Royal Kludge RK G68 Wireless 65% Mechanical Keyboard, Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard | White creates 8 degree angle while sitting at top of a surface to provide comfortability while typing. The frame is detachable to achieve the floating-key look.


Royal Kludge RK G68 gaming keyboard is compatible for Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux and iOS.

Warranty: 1 Year
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